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LeWave Sports Hydration Backpack 5L
  • Delivered in 1 - 3 business days!

    LeWave Sports Hydration Backpack 5L

    • Our athletic 5L hydration backpack comes with a 2L water bladder. It is customized by our professionals for maximum stability. Produced to fit all of your outdoor activities! 

      • Lightweight: 5L Backpack, 0.8 lbs. 2L Bladder with tube, 0.3 lbs.
      • Safety: Reflective trims and built in whistle for night safety.
      • Material: Weatherproof nylon fabric. Airflow mesh covering.
      • Adjustable: Versatile chest and waist straps with clips.
      • Bladder: 2L Leak proof. Reinforced tube, connector and push lock cushioned bite valve. 2 inch-wide opening.
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